National Integrity Systems Assessment revisited

Transparency International New Zealand’s 2013 Integrity Plus National Integrity Systems Assessment (NIS) remains the definitive document for our organisation. Its comprehensive analysis following a proven framework and thorough review gives us a keystone for analyising and reacting to the topics of the day.

TINZ leadership routinely refers to the NIS when formulating recommendations to address situations of questionable integrity and lack of transparency.

On the 21th September 2016, Cabinet published a report reviewing the progress on addressing the recommendations. The State services commission developed this into a web page dedicated to the NIS and a detailed response to each of the its recommendations.

The NIS served as a starting point and reference document for both New Zealand Open Government Partnership National Action Plans.

Work on a second edition to the NIS is underway. Liz Brown, the former Banking Ombudsman and Project Manager for the initial version is leading this effort. TINZ plans to use this as a basis to regularly monitor progress on the 2013 recommendation from now on. See Response to National Integrity Systems Report on New Zealand by Transparency International

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