New Zealand’s 2nd International Fraud Film Festival

2 & 3 March 2018 at
the ASB Waterfront Theatre
138 Halsey St, Auckland

Following an outstanding inaugural event in 2016, New Zealand’s second Fraud Film Festival will bring the issue of fraud, and other forms of financial crimes, alive through the medium of film. The festival spans 2 full days of inspiring documentaries to stimulate debate and awareness, and to scrutinise the phenomenon of fraud in various contexts. Participants are able to join in the panel discussions and debate after each film.

Attendance on Friday 2nd March is by invitation only.

Open to the public on Saturday 3 March

Check the Fraud Film Festival website for programme and ticketing information.

Three themes: Corruption – Technology – Dishonesty

1. Corruption

Corruption typically occurs where someone has been entrusted with power and has abused it for personal gain. We have seen examples recently in the form of nepotism, drugs and bribery. Throughout 2017 there were allegations of corruption occurring at the highest levels of political office the world over.
The festival examines the pervasive effect that corruption can have on some of our most valued and important institutions.

2. Technology

As the way we use and interact with technology has changed and evolved over time, so too has its exploitation from fraud and other criminal activity become increasingly pervasive. Our data is increasingly vulnerable to cybercrime attacks upon social media, personal banking, and emerging technologies such as cryptocurrencies. Attacks range from breaches of privacy and identity theft through to digital piracy and money laundering.
The festival examines the impacts of increasing digitization, and the resulting evolution of cybercrime.

3. Dishonesty

Dishonesty itself is not uncommon, but for a small percentage of people it forms a core part of how they operate on a personal or professional level. It also underpins a majority of criminal offences relating to fraud and strikes at the heart of the trust required for basic human interactions to take place. Such people seek financial gain from money-making scams with promises they have no intention of meeting, or purport to be someone they are not or simply make claims that are false.
The festival examines the complex impact that dishonesty has on our lives and everyday society. 

Fraud is big business. The earnings are high, as are the risks. By showing films and documentaries and engaging in conversations, this complex and intriguing subject will be brought to the attention of a large audience.

Festival partners

Transparency International New Zealand is proud to support this festival, along with partners: Meredith Connell, Deloitte, NZI, Serious Fraud Office, ACC, ASB Bank,  Dave Clark Design, and the Financial Markets Authority.


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