NZX slamed for lack of transparency

As a followup to her July Transparency Times article NZX needs transparency and modernisation to support New Zealand’s future TINZ Chair Suzanne Snively was interviewed by the National Business Review. The resulting article is titled Corruption watchdog slams NZX for lack of transparency (N.B. the paywall can be by-passed by one-time registration for free limited weekly access).

TINZ looks forward to forming closer ties with the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) as it increases transparency in the matching of buy and sell transactions.

This will strengthen the integrity system that underpins the New Zealand equity market.

International trends are towards increasing demand for responsible investments. With greater transparency and accountability, the NZX can authentically align with the New Zealand public services ranking on the Transparency International Corruptions Perception Index at #1 through being the least corrupt in the world.

This, combined with the evidence collected by NZTE through the New Zealand Story (see that finds our country is a good country with integrity, provides a strong platform to attract equity capital to New Zealand. This is important for the success of the NZX. It is also an important contributor to a robust business growth that drives a sustainable and prosperous economy.

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