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The Government, led by Minister Clare Curran, is backing work by Officials to complete the commitments for the Open Government Partnership. There are two plans currently being worked on:

  • The second National Action Plan 2016-2018 (NAP2) is being completed with a dual review due in early 2019,
  • The third National Action Plan 2018-2020 (NAP3) with a Cabinet paper containing new commitments due for eventual approval by September 2018.

Formulation of third OGP National Action Plan 

A total of 449 ideas were received from civil society (community of citizens) to kick start development of New Zealand’s third Open Government Partnership (OGP) National Action Plan 2018-2020 (NAP3). This is led by State Services Commission’s (SSC) Open Government Partnership (OGP) officials.   

Ideas were sourced from 64 participants at OGP workshops, 120 at other events, plus on-line contributions from the public. 

The independent OGP Expert Advisory Panel (EAP) together with officials and representatives from each workshop, then distilled seven aspirational themes from these ideas. Five of these themes survived further scruitiny using the following foci:

  1. participation in democracy,
  2. collaboration to develop policy and services, and
  3. transparency and accountability,

resulting in an initial package of potential Commitments.

We look forward to learning of further progress on the suite of individual Actions that will underlie each of these Commitments. The drafted NAP3 will then be submitted through the Cabinet process before its approval,  international publication, and implementation.  

Timeline for NAP3

  • April 2018; Invitations were extended to the public, NGOs and civil society, to partake in OGP development workshops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
  • May: Four workshops were completed, ideas recorded and workshops’ representatives elected to further participate in the plan development process
  • 5 June: The OGP Expert Advisory Panel (EAP) and members of the OGP team (OGP officials and workshop representatives) met to group 449 ideas into themes and sub-themes
  • 27 June: Seven themes were publicly announced together with access to all related papers
  • 2 July: The EAP, OGP team and government agencies attended a Synthesis Workshop to review ideas, themes to draft the Commitments with which to structure the NAP3
  • 11 July: The EAP and OGP team met to continue deliberations and agreed on three Focus areas for the NAP3
  • August – September: development of the Actions to underpin each Commitment, and finalisation of the plan for Cabinet approval and submission to OGP International (Washington).

Completion of second OGP National Action Plan (NAP2)

Meanwhile, the Government’s second OGP NAP (2016-2018) (NAP2) is drawing to a close. We await:

  • the Government’s Self-Assessment Report on what has been achieved from its two-year plan
  • the findings by the OGP Independent Reporter, Keitha Booth, on those achievements
  • the opportunity to provide public feedback on both of these two reports.

This process assists government and the public to understand what works best in developing more open governments.

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