Pandemic Response Plan

TINZ Health & Safety Policy – Pandemic Response Plan

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16 March 2020

  1. Priorities
    1. TINZ’ plan is flexible to any developing situation, with the aim of maintaining the organisation’s activities during a pandemic. Our priorities are:

      • The health of our people, board, volunteers, personnel and their whānau

      • The health of those who we interact with

      • The overall health of New Zealand population (eg containment)

    2. Working to national guidelines. At all times we will take national advice (Ministry of Health, MFAT and others) and incorporate that into our planning, and pass it on.
      Central portal for all information on COVID-19
      Covid-19 Advice and Information 0800 358 5453

      The Ministry of Health website provides information on pandemic planning and response and the New Zealand Influenza Pandemic Plan. It currently provides the latest information on the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak

      Employment New Zealand provides further detailed information about employment during and after disasters and workplace response to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)

      WorkSafe NZ provides information on Workplace preparedness for novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

      Safe Travel:

  2. Pandemic Response Coordinator

    The pandemic response coordinator will be the CEO, backed up by the Finance Officer

  3. Travel and health management – where any of the TINZ team are travelling internationally, or passing through or using a place where infection exists or is a risk, or suspects that they have been at risk of infection, that person should advise the pandemic response coordinator in advance of their dates, route of travel, and on return as soon as possible of their potential or actual exposure to risk. TINZ team members should consult with the travel and health guidelines at the links provided above, which give up to date information.
  4. Notification. The pandemic response coordinator will ensure that if a TINZ Team member tests as positive to having a virus/infection, then those who have worked with that person within the appropriate period are informed.
  5. Vaccination. Where a vaccine is available, then all TINZ team members will be strongly encouraged to get vaccinated.
  6. Decisions on cancellation or Postponement of travel or events.
    1. Meetings and events of any sort arranged by TINZ (internal or external to TINZ) will be considered early and ongoing by the pandemic response co-ordinator with appropriate consultation, so that meetings and events may be a) postponed, b) cancelled, c) decided to be by remote phone/zoom access only, or d) held with reduced participation. These decisions will be based on the principles in para 1 above.

    2. For work involving any contracted staff or major projects or overseas travel relating to TINZ work, the CEO will make the call about cancellation or postponement, in close consultation with the Chair of the Personnel Committee and the Chair of the Board and with those who are directly affected.

    3. For any Board/MDA engagements, based on information at the time, this will be a decision made between them and the Chair and in consultation with the pandemic response coordinator.

  7. Visits to sites– in the case of an outbreak, if any of the TINZ team are visiting other sites then they should closely follow the advice provided by the Ministry of Health.

  8. Direct engagements – limiting exposure. TINZ team members will be encouraged to carry and use hand sanitiser/soap and follow MoH guidance about modifying the frequency and type of face to face contact, cough etiquette, prompt exclusion where necessary, and keeping themselves safe.

  9. Risk of exposure – if any TINZ team member is caring for a person who has contracted a virus or has been in close contact or proximity of or exposed to any suspected carrier or case, or has a belief they may be at risk of spreading the virus for any other reason, they will advise the pandemic response coordinator immediately, and observe decisions made as a result.

  10. Protect our IT systems – Within the parameters in this plan, TINZ will endeavour to support the continuation of activities, by email, zoom and using Dropbox, and social media platforms.
    The CEO will ensure that TINZ IT providers have pandemic/pandemic plans to keep IT systems available.

  11. Home working – TINZ staff, Board/MDA are setup to carry out activities from their home offices, using phone, zoom, dropbox and email. If there is a need to self-isolate, TINZ will ensure they have access to online files and zoom.

  12. Cover – TINZ CEO and Chair will do their best to ensure that cover is provided for absences for any of our major projects.

  13. Pastoral Care, Recovery, Return to work

    1. TINZ recognises that this can be an anxious and emotional time for TINZ team members who may at times feel overwhelmed.  As a result designated TINZ personnel and Board Directors will be responsible for supporting the well-being of TINZ team members and will regularly check in with staff.

    2. TINZ will provide support according to its EAP Counselling arrangement for TINZ team who need that service.

    3. TINZ will provide support, within the contract, to enable contracted staff to work remotely

    4. TINZ will put in place individual plans to facilitate and encourage the return to normalized duties for TINZ team members once they are better or at the end of their stay away period.

    5. All individuals who are no longer ill or potentially ill will be welcomed back and supported with their return to TINZ duties.

  14. Best practice approach. All TINZ team members will transparently follow, and share best practices with other organisations, NGOs and families to improve community response efforts.’

  15. Plan Review : this plan will be reviewed as needed.

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