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Pivotal Anti-corruption Role for Public Sector Leaders

Anne Gilbert

Anne Gilbert, TINZ Public Sector Project Manager

Anne Gilbert

TINZ Project Manager
Public Sector

The first public sector Leaders Integrity Forum for 2018 focused on how our public servants can support the government in its commitment to combat and prevent corruption in New Zealand. Forum chair, Greg Schollum, Deputy Auditor General, introduced the first speaker, Andrew Bridgman, Chief Executive and Secretary for Justice.

He began by stating “… integrity, transparency, accountability, probity, [and] freedom from corruption – are fundamental to our country … perhaps the most important contributors to New Zealand’s economic and social development so far, and powerful determinants of our future success.”

Our country is currently perceived to be the least corrupt country in the world but Bridgman warned that while “New Zealand is doing well … we are not corruption free. Just because we don’t ordinarily see corruption, this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.” He urges his peers throughout New Zealand’s public service to recognise that they “… have a special duty to guard against corruption because it is in the public sector that its effects can do the most harm”.

Included in Bridgman’s full presentation is an intriguing insight into the great potential for blockchain technology to provide a transparent and incorruptible public record of all types of activities.

The second speaker, Julie Read, Chief Executive of the Serious Fraud Office, spoke of New Zealand’s naivety and vulnerability to corruption in its international dealings. She referred to recent countermeasure developments in the European Union that may challenge New Zealand to remain at the top of the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) – refer to earlier article. The April Transparency Times will detail Read’s presentation and the discussion that followed these two Leaders Integrity Forum presentations. 

Further information and comment is available on OAG ‘auditblog’

Deputy Auditor General Greg Schollum chairs LIF March 2018

Chief Executive Serious Fraud Office Julie Read at LIF March 2018

Secretary for Justice Andrew Bridgman at LIF March 2018

TINZ Chair Suzanne Snively at LIF March 2018

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