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Public sector leaders discuss CPI issues

The Leaders Integrity Forum held on 14 February was focused on the 2018 Corruption Perceptions Index (TI-CPI).  The forum explored what this index tells us about the challenges and risks to democracy in our rapidly changing world and how public sector leaders can make a difference.

TINZ Chief Executive, Julie Haggie, provided an overview of New Zealand’s number-two standing within the Corruption Perceptions Index 2018.  She also looked at how our leading trading partners are faring on the index. Notably China has dropped its ranking by 10 places. USA has also dropped – from 16 to 22 – to lose its spot in the top 20 countries perceived as least corrupt.  Australia has stagnated on a ranking of 13.

Julie’s presentation was followed by Catherine Williams, Deputy Commissioner for Integrity, Ethics and Standards, State Services Commission’s (SSC). She outlined the activities employed by SSC to build integrity across the public service.  These range from prosecution of wrong-doing, to recognition and celebration of exemplary behaviour.

The forum was chaired by Auditor-General, John Ryan who talked about the TI-CPI score being at the heart of our perceived integrity as a nation.

The Office of the Auditor-General writes a great blog on each of our Leaders Integrity Forums. This latest one will be at this link soon, and we encourage you to make these blogs part of your regular reading.

Auditor General, John Ryan chairs the Leaders Integrity Forum on 14 February 2019
Deputy State Services Commissioner, Catherine Williams, addresses the Leaders Integrity Forum 14 February 2019

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