Report of International Anti-Corruption Day from Integrity Fiji

INTEGRITY FIJI organised its International Anti Corruption Day (IACD) event on December 9th 2019 at the Reserve Bank of Fiji.

There was a good turnout of participants who were all given Integrity Fiji brochures and membership forms.

Two main speeches were delivered by Dr Joseph Veramu, Chief Executive of Integrity Fiji, and Ms Kolora Naliva-Celua, Manager Corruption Prevention at the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC).

The event was noteworthy because ‘Youths for Integrity’ presented Youtube films, video messages, live performances of dance, poetry and rap music on the theme of anti-corruption and integrity. They personalised the message and stressed the importance of ACTION rather than mere lip service in the fight against corruption.

The organisations represented at this event were:

Government Ministries/Departments

  • Office of the Prime Minister
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Fijian Elections Office
  • Reserve Bank of Fiji
  • Fiji National Sports Commission


  • Communications Fiji Ltd
  • Fiji Chinese Media


  • Flour Mills of Fiji
  • Alliance for Future Generations (AFG)




  • Methodist Church of Fiji


It was a significant day for us because FICAC has formally agreed to partner with INTEGRITY FIJI and to utilise our ‘Youths for Integrity’ in FICAC’s public interventions. The young people have built up a national reputation for creative methods/strategies to spread messages on anti-corruption, transparency and accountability themes.

The Fiji National Sports Commission has also indicated they wish to work with our ‘Youths for Integrity’ to promote integrity in sport.

Mr Chuck Bennett of the US Embassy asked many questions about ‘Youths for Integrity’ during a private discussion.


The Integrity Fiji Board formally notes the tremendous support of Transparency International New Zealand in the high levels of efficiency and sustainability that we have reached in the development of our policies, strategic and corporate plans and sustainability strategies. 

The support of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the interim period is noted with deep gratitude. It is hoped that continued support for anti corruption work in Fiji in the upcoming five year strategic plan, will be seriously considered through ongoing funding of Integrity Fiji, channelled through Transparency International New Zealand.

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