The Citizen’s Handbook satirical series

A new RNZ podcast and video series The Citizen’s Handbook will be launched at 7pm Thursday 16 April … a treat in store for your bubble during your lockdown! 

It explains the (often unfortunate) events of New Zealand’s history. It is designed to teach us how to be a good citizen, by tackling the issues of history, politics, law, economics and international relations in a satirical way. It has been created by:

  • Robbie Nicols best known as the creator and host of the political comedy webseries, White Man Behind A Desk, also on YouTube, and
  • Finnius Teppett, the award-winning writer for theatre, television, and film.  

It features a number of well-known actors and comedians including Tom Sainsbury, Eli Matthewson, Kura Forrester, Jamaine Ross and more.

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