Third OGP Plan readied for publication

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3rd National Action Plan (2018-2020)

New Zealand’s third Open Government Partnership National Action Plan (OGP-NAP3) 2018-2020 was recently issued to the OGP International Secretariat for publication.

Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2018-2020 commitments

It contains twelve Commitments within three OGP Values. Each commitment is underpinned by several milestones. Development and implementation of each commitment is owned by a lead government agency. There are currently nine lead agencies involved in this plan. 

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) has participated at various stages of the plan’s development. The primary message of the last TINZ submission in October is that more work needs to be done to attract broader civic engagement in the process.

This OGP-NAP3 will now be independently reviewed under the OGP Independent Review Mechanism (IRM) process at several stages of its implementation and conclusion.

2nd National Action Plan (2016-2018)

The OGP-NAP2 (2016-2018) plan was completed in mid 2018. Since then the government has published its OGP 2nd National Action Plan end-of-term Self-Assessment Report on the final outcomes from this second plan. 

TINZ prepared a submission in November, focused primarily on generic recommendations to improve the submission/feedback process itself. The removal of unnecessary editing, formatting and other obstacles would simplify the mechanics of submissions thereby encouraging increased public feedback on OGP and all other topics. 

At present the IRM independent reviewer report on the government’s end-of-term Self-Assessment Report is being drafted. Public feedback will be invited on this, in January 2019.    

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