TINZ offers Parliament civil society expert advice

To the Members of Parliament, new and old, to those holding portfolios and those in opposition: Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) congratulates you on your election and wishes you wise counsel in your leadership role.

TINZ promotes transparency, accountability and integrity as antidotes to corruption.

New Zealand’s public service and judiciary are globally ranked as least corrupt in the Corruption Perceptions Index.

That does not make us corruption free.

TINZ contributes to several global measures and indexes. We also undertake independent analysis and assessment of New Zealand’s integrity systems and make recommendations for change. Our authoritative voice is supported by a team of experts who contribute their knowledge to our reports and submissions.

Corruption risks for New Zealand

We have identified the following current and real risks for New Zealand:

  1. Opaque and non-public beneficial ownership of companies and trusts, and enabling of facilitation payments  
  2. Poor transparency of public procurement.
  3. Poor transparency, and regulation of political party funding.
  4. Insufficient organisational integrity and accountability culture in financial services, and in business governance.
  5. Poor protection or reward for those who report wrongdoing.
  6. Outdated legislation on access to information resulting in variable performance.
  7. Powerful influences from organised crime, including money laundering.
  8. Conflict of interest and cronyism not well understood or accepted in communities.
  9. Poor management of risks of AI development.
  10. Poor controls to prevent cybersecurity and scam attacks.
  11. Cross Pacific strategic and corruption risks that impact in New Zealand and its neighbours.
  12. Active distribution of misinformation through social media platforms.    

We would like to provide you [Members of Parliament] with further written or oral briefings on risk areas and our proposals and tools for risk mitigation, to further enhance a national culture of integrity and accountability.

Why talk with Civil Society?

TINZ as a civil society organisation, has a pivotal role in fighting corruption. We influence the public and we influence authorities – central and local government, professional and industry leaders. We also provide research, resources and tools to assist both the public and authorities to consider and plan approaches to counter the threats of corruption. We have broad local, regional and international civil society networks.

Some examples of our recent work are:

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) is a chapter of a global movement whose strategic purpose statement for the next decade is ‘Holding Power to Account for the Common Good’.  Transparency International (TI) is a global civil society coalition based in Berlin, leading the fight against corruption. It compiles a number of measures of different aspects of corruption including the annual Corruption Perceptions Index, the Global Corruption Barometer, Exporting Corruption and the Bribe Payers Index.

On behalf of the TINZ Board by

Julie Haggie
Chief Executive Officer
Transparency International New Zealand

Suzanne Snively
Transparency International New Zealand

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