TINZ Releases Some NIS Emergant Findings

TINZ Releases Some NIS Emergant Findings

New Zealand National Integrity System Assessment Some Emergent Findings

At a public forum on Wednesday 8 May TINZ released some of the emergent findings of the 2013 TINZ Integrity Plus National Integrity Assessment for New Zealand. The forum featured opening comments by the by Hon Dr Jonathan Coleman, Minister of State Services and Hon Phil Goff, the Labour spokesperson State Services. The findings were presented to an engaged audience of over 100.

A National Integrity System Assessment evaluates key ‘pillars’ in a country’s governance system, both in terms of their internal corruption risks and in terms of their contribution to fighting corruption in society at large. This assessment is unprecedented for its scope and depth.

Released were emergent findings for

  • Pillar 3 Judiciary
  • Pillar 6 Electoral Management
  • Pillar 7 Ombudsman
  • Pillar 8 Supreme Audit Institution, OAG
  • Pillar 11 Media
  • Pillar 4 Public Sector Components:
    • Fiscal Transparency
    • Environmental Governance
    • Procurement

Summary emergent findings are available in the Transparency Times May 2013.

Visit the 2013 TINZ Integrity Plus National Integrity Assessment section for complete information.

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