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Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) continues to encourage our readers to exercise their democratic responsibilities by making submissions and responding to government consultation processes with their opinions on future direction-setting and legislation.

The following two centralised websites invite and facilitate public submissions on a variety of legislation, policies, levies, plans and projects currently being processed, together with updates about progress for recently closed submissions:

The existence of these websites is misleading as readers may be led to believe that all government agencies utilise one or both of these facilities. In fact, many government agencies conduct their own publicity when seeking submissions.

In the spirit of the new and joined-up open government, TINZ’s recommendations are overdue for consideration:

  • Develop a single submissions website link where all central and local government requests for submissions are listed 
  • Manage this website location with constantly improving frameworks for the making of submissions and for following-up on submissions.
  • Analyse the responses to submissions, by key population indicators including geographical spread, and of the individuals and organisations that make submissions 
  • Summarise the content of submissions and how the content becomes included in policy development and legislation 
  • Provide timelines/milestones to track the progress of submissions passing through the submissions/legislative processes.

Submissions currently being sought

The following invitations to submissions known to, and of potential relevance to TINZ, are currently open for public comment by their stated deadline. We encourage our readers to take the time to draft a submission, even if it is a short one. The submission process is an opportunity to exercise your democratic rights. 

Financial Markets Infrastructures Bill

  • Deadline: Thursday 26 March 2020
  • Public submissions are invited by the Finance and Expenditure Committee of Parliament
  • This bill proposes to create a new regulatory regime for the general conduct of financial institutions and their intermediaries. This regime has been designed in response to recent reviews that have identified that certain institutions, particularly banks and life insurers, lack focus on good outcomes for customers and have ineffective systems and controls to identify, manage, and remedy conduct issues.

Inquiry into parliamentary scrutiny of confirmable instruments

Reserve Bank Act Review – Consultation phase 3

Recent TINZ submissions

View earlier submissions prepared by TINZ, or search on the ‘Submissions’ category at the bottom of TINZ homepage www.transparency.org.nz . 

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