TINZ testifies to the Justice Select Committee regarding elections

Julie Haggie

Julie Haggie
Chief Executive Officer

Brendon Wilson (TINZ Director) and I spoke to a Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) submission before the Justice Select Committee on 23 May. This was part of the Select Committee’s inquiry into the 2017 general election and the 2016 local government election.

It was a very lively discussion, with contributions and hard questions from a committee that included Jami-Lee Ross, Chris Bishop, Greg O’Connor, Ginny Anderson and Hon. Dr Nick Smith.

We were heartened by the strong challenges from some of the Members of Parliament, which is a good sign. They were generally well aware of the need to take steps to prevent the misuse of data. They were less clear about what steps are needed.

They queried us about how New Zealand should approach the issue of overseas money and influence into NZ politics and where the line should be drawn to prevent undue influence.

TINZ’s intention is to spark debate and discussion around the manipulation of data analytics in election campaigning.

  • What should be considered fair and reasonable and what not?
  • How far does manipulation take place before democracy is under threat, or do the ends justify any means?  

Read our original submission: Inquiry into the 2017 General Election and the 2016 Local Elections.

Below is video of the TINZ committee testimony that was live streamed on Facebook:

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