TINZ Values

Suzanne Snively
TINZ Chair

Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) strives to engage all New Zealanders in strengthening the integrity systems of our communities, civil society, public and business sector.

TINZ’s values – Integrity, Courage, Transparency and Respect – play a central role in cementing this engagement.‎ 

A key factor is that these values are clearly defined. With this clarity, the relationship between the activities of different organisations can be leveraged for a higher level of engagement, and, in this way generating higher levels of achievement.

Values also provide the cement for the total TINZ Team – it’s Patron, Directors, Staff, Members-with-Delegated Authority, Members, Affiliates, Partners and other interested parties – to work together.   

As a first phase of a strategic refresh, the TINZ Patron, Directors and  locally-available staff held a strategy session on 3 March 2019. This was facilitated by Lynda Carroll at Align Consulting who sees the role of ‘values’ as central to the success of any organisation.

TINZ values differ from those of our parent organization Transparency International. They are aligned with our New Zealand strategic direction that focuses on strengthening integrity systems as an effective basis for preventing and protecting against corruption. 

The very important global mission of Transparency International is to detect corruption and combat corruption worldwide. In many countries, corruption is so pervasive that the focus is totally on identifying the corrupt and enforcing penalties.

New Zealand, with one of the lowest measures of corruption, has the opportunity to demonstrate how values assist in identifying corruption and nip it in the bud. This means the New Zealand Chapter (TINZ) can work in the context of cultural values where any form of corrupt behaviour is universally unacceptable.

 As a result, TINZ has greater capacity to demonstrate the opportunities that a reputation for integrity presents.

At the March 25 TINZ Board meeting, Directors approved the following TINZ Values and definitions:

  • Integrity – We behave responsibly, acting honesty and ethically in everything we do
  • Courage – We act in accordance with our values, even when it is hard to do.
  • Transparency – We are visibly open and honest.
  • Respect -We treat everyone with respect as we would like to be treated acknowledging and valuing differences.

These describe an environment for TINZ to more effectively align with other organizations based on a clear knowledge of what its values represent. As a result of the recent refresh, these values are embraced by the TINZ team.

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