Transparency Times Author Guidelines

Note to directors and members with delegated authority working with sponsors, partners and affiliates

Feel free to offer sponsors, partners and affiliates the opportunity to promote themselves through our newsletter by contributing pertinent articles relevant to our audience. While ad hoc articles will be accepted, a regular commitment quarterly or every other month is preferred. Please keep the newsletter team (David D and Steve S) informed of plans.

Author Guidelines:

  • The format allows for flexibility in article length. 400 words is a solid initial target although it can be much longer when the content justifies the length. Most important is to make it interesting, engaging and readable.
  • An introduction is desired for each regular feature that highlights why the article is important even to those not directly involved in the content area.
  • Please keep your eyes open for compelling Images or visually interesting photo ops. Send images as separate file and name the file as if it were a caption except avoid punctuation and use dashes (-) rather than spaces (Example: TINZ-Director-Charles-Hett-at-the-2016-Annual-General-Meeting.jpg)
  • Have articles reviewed by a director or member with delegated authority assigned to its subject area other than yourself prior to sending to David/Steve to include in the newsletter.
  • Articles are reviewed and edited several times for clarity as well as grammar and punctuation. Often this involves cutting content that is tangential, poorly developed or not adding to the message. Every attempt is made to improve the intended message and reach out to the author when there are questions about their intent.
  • Authors—both internal and external—can expect editing. Time and process does not permit an author's final review. Please avoid promising external author's final review.