The TINZ Financial Industry System Assessment

We place a lot of trust in our financial institutions. Are they worthy of it?

Our Financial Industry System Assessment (FISA) asks our financial services providers to demonstrate their integrity, transparency and quality of governance. We ask them to justify our trust.

The FISA provides customers, citizens, communities, civil society organisations, government and businesses detailed information about the way that the  financial system conducts itself. It identifies and seeks to prevent poor conduct. It helps prevent corruption by   reinforcing core ethical values and culture.

FISA is the first ever  assessment of this kind.

The aim of FISA is to:

  • Examine the current state of the integrity systems of New Zealand’s financial organizations  
  • Build trust and confidence in New Zealand’s financial system
  • Combat corruption by fostering good conduct with initiatives and tools that support it.
  • and Reinforce a culture of integrity in a way that realises its benefits.

To contact us about participating in the FISA as a service provider or financial institution please email

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