I’m an individual looking to support your work

Are you engaged with current events, and feeling disenfranchised about the lack of transparency and accountability? Have you been a victim of, or been confronted by, corruption directly? Or seen something you’ve wanted to report, but not been able to? There are many ways you can support our work, in varying degrees of commitment.

You can make a one-off or regular donation to support our work, become a member, or register your interest to volunteer and work with our team.

We're An Organisation And Want to Join the Movement

Does transparency and integrity speak to your organisation’s core values? Are you looking for a way to promote and support anti-corruption initiatives? If your organisation would like to support our work, there are several ways you can do this – become an affiliate, partner with us, or make an organisational donation (see above).

Become an affiliate or partner

If you share our commitment to good governance and accountability, we can form a strategic partnership or affiliation.

Together, we can expand the area of influence of both organisations and help each other more efficiently achieve our common goals.

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