Corruption and Money Laundering across the Pacific

Research published by Transparency International New Zealand investigates corruption and money laundering within Pacific Island Countries (PICs). It highlights the linkage between the two concluding that preventive and investigative systems are insufficient and not operating effectively.

The research analyses the primary AML (Anti Money Laundering) measure relevant and applicable to anti-corruption. It examines the capacity and practice of implementing these standards in the Pacific, with detailed analysts of and case studies from seven selected Pacific Island Countries (PICs).

The report leaves no doubt that Pacific Island Countries do not pay sufficient attention to the link between corruption and money laundering and lack specific policies and resources to employ AML measures as anti-corruption tools.


We are committed to supporting and maintaining integrity and transparency in the South Pacific through the fight against corruption

voiceS in the Pacific

Transparency and integrity are very important values of the Pacific community. These are qualities that we assume in every leader and influencer in our community. Without them, there is no confidence and trust that we will be led by decisions for a more sustainable accountable region with transparent economic growth and better development outcomes for Pacific peoples. 

Where there are fewer people promoting and advocating for accountability, there are more people taking advantage of the vulnerable. This leads to South Pacific nations becoming an attractive target for various criminal activities like drug trafficking and money laundering.

We strongly advocated for the revitalisation of funding for our Melanesian Chapters and have started the work to support colleagues in Fiji. The aim is to see the reestablishment of a Fiji chapter of Transparency International.

Our outreach work will also connect with civil society organisations in Polynesia and Micronesia. 

South Pacific Outreach

Transparency International New Zealand is dedicated to working alongside South Pacific leaders and communities to develop a South Pacific network focusing on anti-corruption and the benefits of integrity and transparency.

TINZ South Pacific Outreach plans to:

  • highlight where more research and data are needed
  • raise awareness about anti-corruption concepts, laws, institutions and services available
  • work with those who will advocate for transparent and accountable practices; and
  • align anti-corruption concepts with South Pacific community values and practices

The project, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), also includes further work with Integrity Fiji and the development of a risk assessment tool for small nations.

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Image representing the TINZ Pacific Outreach Program



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