A new era for commercial success

Business. It’s had a long reputational history of corruption, foul play and greed. But new models for governance, funding and innovation have created opportunities for unprecedented transparency, and we’re helping those of you interested to explore what that looks like and how to achieve it.

If you’re in the private sector and are looking to access up to date information and authoritative views on anti-money laundering, whistleblowing and bribery, along with anti-corruption training or a review of your organisation’s integrity, see the ways we can support you below.

Financial Integrity System Assessment

The New Zealand Financial Integrity System Assessment (FISA) is the world’s first ever review of a country’s financial system and its integrity.

Launched in 2019, Transparency International New Zealand leads the review each year, which covers government and industry agencies with oversight and regulatory roles in the finance sector, and a wide range of financial organisations.

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Business integrity

Sound business integrity brings a range of benefits. From strengthening reputation and brand, providing easier access to markets, lowering costs, increasing customer loyalty, engaging employees and more. What’s more, Transparency International New Zealand sees businesses as important partners in the fight against corruption. Join us on our mission to end corruption.

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beneficial ownership

A Beneficial Owner is a person or organisation that has the right to receive income or profits from a property or investment. They are the ones who benefit even though the legal title may appear to belong to another person or entity. New Zealand’s relaxed approach to the registration of overseas beneficial owners leaves us very exposed to corruption in the form of very costly white-collar crime.

We are also seeing more evidence of some of the world’s biggest drug gangs in New Zealand, who are likely to be laundering money through New Zealand.

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