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Membership with Transparency International New Zealand means you’re contributing to our collective goal of building transparency, accountability and integrity. You help us stand up against corruption and misuse of power. Together we want to build more transparent and accountable systems in government, the private sector and across the community. 

There are two types of memberships; Members and Members with Delegated Authority (MDA). Read about the benefits below.


As a member you will join a team of like-minded people giving a voice against corruption and promoting a culture in New Zealand where transparency, integrity, good governance and ethical standards and practices are the core values of all New Zealanders.

You will receive our monthly newsletter, enjoy invitations to events and contribute your experience and perspectives through our meetings and consultation opportunities.

Members with delegated authority

Members with delegated authority (MDA) are invited to contribute further with their expertise and specialist skills. This enables TINZ to provide specific expertise and skill across a broad range of topics. MDA respond to submissions, provide advice, write articles and represent TINZ at consultation events.

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