Accountable Mining Programme

Alexandra Lamb
Transparency International Australia

The Accountable Mining Programme, led by Transparency International Australia, has just started an exciting new project on business integrity.

The new project builds upon the very successful implementation of the programme’s work on corruption risks in mining licensing - a stage of business dealings particularly vulnerable to corruption. Twenty-three TI Chapters have been involved in this programme since its inception in 2016. 

The programme has secured numerous policy reforms at the local, national and global levels. TI Indonesia, for example, helped draft a new national policy that strengthens anti-corruption legislation relevant to mining and extractive industries, while TI Kenya established a regional network that brought together industry, civil society and local people, to monitor mining activities.  

Between 2016-2021 the Accountable Mining Programme produced over 30 publications to support industry, government and civil society to tackle corruption risks in the mining sector. The new project is building on our the December 2021 Publication Five lessons for building business integrity in the mining sector.

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