Carissa Khushal 2023 Dame Suzanne Snively Scholarship recipient

Carissa Khushal is the 2023 TINZ Dame Suzanne Snively Scholarship recipient at Victoria University.

Carissa is from Wellington and has lived there her whole life. She is currently in her fourth year studying at Victoria University, completing a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) and a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Information Systems. She also works part-time in medical recruitment and in-sourcing.

Carissa tells the Transparency Times:

“I am very grateful to be awarded the Transparency International NZ Suzanne Snively Scholarship for 2023.This contribution has been invaluable in helping me focus on pursuing my passions. I am committed to making the most of this opportunity and working diligently to produce research that can contribute positively to our society. Your support has given me confidence that I can make a meaningful difference in the realm of governance and transparency.
“Throughout my studies, I have developed a strong interest in research particularly relating to transparency and accountability of the Government. I have a strong passion for human rights. I strongly believe that research in these areas is a key driver of positive changes in our society.
“My Honours thesis focuses on examining the consistency of the current position of pre-trial detention in New Zealand with various international human rights instruments, with an emphasis on transparency in regard to the treatment of remand prisoners. Pre-trial detention is a critical aspect of the criminal justice system, and understanding how New Zealand's approach aligns with international norms is essential to ensuring accountability and safeguarding of fundamental human rights.”

Transparency International New Zealand established this scholarship in 2021 in the name of their former Chair, Dame Suzanne Snively, to support a student undertaking research related to transparency integrity, accountability or anti-corruption in relation to governance.

Applicants must be female students undertaking an Honours or Masters by Thesis degree at Victoria University of Wellington with a focus on transparency or anti-corruption in regard to governance, regulatory practices or laws, ethical leadership or ethical culture.

Each year one recipient is awarded $2,000.

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