Consultation on Independent person for poor Parliamentary conduct

Parliament is planning to establish a new role for an ‘independent person’ (a placeholder title) to receive, investigate and resolve  complaints about members’ conduct that does not appear to be consistent with the principles set out in the Behavioural Statements for the Parliamentary Workplace. 

In May of 2019 an Independent Review about Bullying and Harassment in the New Zealand Parliamentary Workplace was published. As a result of this study Behavioural Statements for the Parliamentary Workplace were established in October 2020. 

“These statements set Parliament’s expectations for how we behave towards each other, while still allowing for free speech in Parliament and freedom of the press, which are essential for a functioning democracy.”

This new role is another part of the Parliamentary Sector’s commitment to improving the culture of Parliament following the 2019 Review.  

Feedback on the draft  Protocol for Independent Person is being sought with submissions required by 10 May 2022. Further details are in Have Your Say: Independent Person Protocol.

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