Fighting Organised Crime and Corruption in a Fractured World Webinar Recap

On 4 December TI New Zealand facilitated a webinar co-hosted by TINZ, TI Australia and the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime (GI-TOC)

This was advertised broadly through our affiliate networks, and drew over 100 attendees from government, business, NGOs and academia across New Zealand and Australia.

The speakers were Virginia Comolli from GI-TOC, Det Sup Wayne Gray from the New Zealand Police and Matt Fehon from McGarth Nicol in Australia.

The presentations were complementary and comprehensive.  Virginia talked about the criminality and resilience elements that make up the Organised crime Index and what it shows about New Zealand, Australia and Oceania.  Wayne presented on the inter-dependency of corruption and organised crime, and gave some examples from recent cases that have been prosecuted.   Matt talked about the need for more stringent risk assessment and better governance around human resourcing and supply chains, to detect and prevent corrupt influence of staff and suppliers.  

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