Gillian Greer on being TINZ Deputy Chair

Kia ora tātou, I’m looking forward to fully engaging as Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ)’s Deputy Chair, supporting its Chair Anne Tolley, my Board colleagues, Members with Delegated Authority (MDAs), CEO Julie Haggie and her staff, our members and everyone striving for a better New Zealand.

Meetings and events I’ve attended have demonstrated what a significant role TINZ has today.

I’ve just watched a webinar which was a reminder that the pandemic, in spite of massive global and personal loss, has given us the chance to rebuild in more equitable, sustainable ways. This is not new thinking, but its realisation depends on many factors.

For us in Aotearoa New Zealand, these factors include: 

  • the implementation of the government’s proposed rolling review of COVID impacts
  • the need for continued effective leadership
  • collaboration at every level and good communication.    

Trust is also vital - in our institutions, national and local government, in our partners at every level, and in each other.

It also gives us a powerful reminder of the importance of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, a unique partnership, and the importance of learning from traditional Māori values such as manākitanga and kaitiakitanga. Without these, we cannot achieve greater equity and sustainability.

Our obligations and responsibilities are also critical in the Pacific region, one of the world’s great taonga. Having worked in the region over many years with governments, business, civil society and communities - as Chief Executive for Volunteer Service Abroad; with the International Planned Parenthood Federation; and as advisor to four Ministers of Foreign Affairs - I’m delighted to be reconnected through a governance role with TINZ projects in the Pacific.

I look forward to learning more about our Pacific partnerships, the challenges our partners face and the ways in which TINZ can contribute, both here and there, as we face an uncertain environment in which the pandemic has deepened existing inequalities.

Helen Clark, when Administrator of UNDP, set up the World We Want global surveys to determine people’s priorities for the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that make up Agenda 2030. There were four top priorities out of 16 options: health, education, meaningful work and good governance.

My Chief Executive  and governance roles in New Zealand and internationally, have shown me the critical importance of good governance - across every sector and at every level. This is not only about transparency, ethics and integrity. It includes effective, clear policies and systems; asking the difficult questions; clear communication and the right actions to achieve social and economic justice.

I’m looking forward to working with the Board to implement our TINZ strategy, and to contribute to realising the vision of Agenda 2030 and the SDGs: a more sustainable planet and a world where no-one is left behind.

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