International Influence of Pacific Civil Society: Danika Hotham

Suzanne Snively Scholarship

At the start of the year, TINZ established a Victoria University Scholarship  in honour of the immediate past Chair, Suzanne Snively. Danika Hotham was selected as the inaugural recipient and embarked on a research project related to ‘Politics, State and Society in the Pacific Islands.’

Published report

Danika published the results of her research in November. 

“Using the conceptual framework outlined, it becomes apparent that much international negotiating and decision making is on the terms of powerful, often European states. The state-centric nature of many international institutions often means that civil society is excluded or limited by rules of engagement. All too often, powerful groups predetermine which forums, institutions, nations, and ideas are valid, thus who is present and has influence at agenda setting, negotiating and decision-making tables. Perceptions are, therefore, paramount in determining outcomes. Over time in media, politics, and academia, Oceania has been perceived as a ‘failing’ or ‘weak’ political region. These views perpetuate belittlement and neo-colonial relationships of dependency and disempowerment which inhibit Pacific civil society from gaining equitable access to international space.”

Danaika’s work can be found here: Pacific Research Paper Summary - Danika Hotham.pdf and Pacific Research Paper - Danika Hotham.pdf

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