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We are part of a global movement leading the fight against corruption in over 100 countries. Together we aspire to a unified vision: a world free of corruption. 

In New Zealand we have been working for 20 years through advocacy, programmes and research, to expose systems where there is poor accountability, transparency and integrity, and to advocate for the benefits of these values in public life, private business and civil society.

Our vision is a world with trusted integrity systems in which government, politics, business, civil society and the daily lives of people are free of corruption.

Benefits of Business Membership

  • Strengthen your brand reputation by demonstrating your commitment to promoting integrity, accountability and transparency through a meaningful relationship with the world’s leading anti-corruption movement.
  • Enjoy access to resources and expert advice from our local and global anti-corruption experts to build integrity systems within your organisation.
  • Gain a competitive advantage through a demonstrated commitment to managing corruption risks, and industry leadership. Integrated corporate governance and integrity programmes have been shown to reduce the cost of obtaining capital, increase staff and customer loyalty, enhance industry and contracting relationships, and reduce the likelihood of corrupt practice in the organisation and in its supply chains.
  • Use the learning opportunities and information we offer to strengthen your organisational culture, as well as your corporate social responsibility and quality improvement programmes.
  • Attend our events (webinars, launches, AGM event)

TINZ offers individual, small business and corporate memberships. Please contact us for further information by visiting our website or emailing us at

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