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Perfect timing for new partnership

Hadyn Smith
The Honest Bunch

It is perhaps surprising that Transparency International New Zealand and the Honest Bunch Foundation (previously “Crimestoppers New Zealand” and “Integrity Line”) have such a similar focus on allowing the truth to be told but, until now, have not officially worked together. Both focus on combating corruption with a focus on integrity throughout Aotearoa. Both retain charitable status and are fiercely non-political and non-partisan.

Through until 2020, both organisations have also been led by founding individuals who live and breath the principle that the truth must be told. For TINZ, founding Chair, Suzanne Snively, has dedicated herself to holding this country accountable for maintaining high standards of ethics and the enforcement of anti-corruption measures, such as sound speak-up practices. Crime Stoppers and Integrity Line founding Chair, John Perham, had a similar vision of supporting our most vulnerable to tell the truth and speak up through the guarantee of an anonymous, safe and independent reporting platform.

Many would suggest that in New Zealand, corruption, dishonesty and unethical behaviour are not to the fore in day-to-day business practice while our country ranks highly as corruption free. But current Honest Bunch Foundation Chair, Allan Freeth, suggests that message is not so clear.

“In the internet focused environment that exists today, opportunities for corruption and unethical behaviour cross all country borders allow like-minded individuals to assemble and influence a population's behaviour like never before. It follows that TINZ and the Honest Bunch Foundation need to look at opportunities to share our focus on sustaining Aotearoa’s high standing for speaking up and acting on issues that could affect our reputation.”

The Honest Bunch Foundation has evolved in the last 10 years from a phone only reporting service to a mobile, text and PC friendly platform that allows any age, culture or gender to safely access and use such a reporting service.

“We have focused on allowing the truth to be told and ensuring those that report on corruption in any form, are not identified or re-victimised in the process unless they openly wish to be identified. We know how well such a community-good service can work. The Christchurch terror attack is an example of a community group who needed to speak up safely. Crime Stoppers received nearly 3,000 related calls in that two-week period in March 2019 and gave leads to the Police that would otherwise not have surfaced,” said Freeth.

TINZ and the Honest Bunch Foundation have common interests in safer communities. Both organisations have zero tolerance to violations of integrity and care about the ability to safely collect and share information. It follows that entering into a strategic partnership to expand the area of our influence is an opportunity that is both timely and practical.

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Honest Bunch Foundation’s Allan Freeth and TINZ Chair Suzanne Snively sign the MOU at 2020 TINZ AGM[/caption]

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