New book provides businesses with practical ethical tool kit

As businesses grapple with ethics in an uncertain world, a new ‘field guide’ to ethical leadership, with practical decision-making tools for leaders and teams is being released, featuring well-known New Zealanders and leading global businesses.

HUMANGOOD is co-authored by James Bushell, a leader in sustainable business and the managing director of MOTIF, along with Professor Karin Lasthuizen, the Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership | Aritahi at Victoria University. The book features articles on ethical leadership from Ashley Bloomfield and businesses including Air New Zealand, The Chia Sisters, and global cosmetic giant L’Oréal.

A practical, hands-on, toolkit it is designed to:

  • guide and inform leaders and teams on how to approach ethics in their businesses and organisations, and
  • help make ethical decisions and implement ethical policies.    

It goes ‘under the hood’ of featured businesses and organisations and examines how ethics positively impact their operations. Professor Karin Lasthuizen says it humanises ethics.

“It’s a reminder there are very real, fallible people behind the organisations. In HUMANGOOD, we unpack how they consider their decisions to determine the best actions. Being ethical can be a challenging journey; it can also be rewarding, courageous, inspiring, and ultimately change the world around us,” she says.

Co Author James Bushell says HUMANGOOD is a meeting place for goodness, to help people understand how they can be ethical, why it matters and how change begins - from small businesses to large.

“It is ultimately a practical guide to ethics in business and how people can integrate ethical decision-making into their business practices. This toolkit shows people how to be (and do) good in work and life, leading with real-life examples - demonstrating how one single decision can create a positive ripple effect that travels far and influences many.”

James Bushell says in releasing HUMANGOOD, it responds to increasing consumer demand for transparent, ethical, and genuine ethical business

“We are all at our own point in the journey towards being more ethical. HUMANGOOD shines a light on these pathways, to inspire businesses and decision-makers to incorporate ethics into their daily work,” he says.

You can purchase your own copy of the HUMANGOOD here.

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