OECD Integrity Week

Last week marked OECD Integrity Week, including the 2024 Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum, from 26-28 March held in person and online.

At that forum we saw the launch of the OECD Anti Corruption and Integrity Outlook. This tool analyses Member countries' efforts to uphold integrity and fight corruption. 

The tool shows that in the face of three major future challenges there remains a significant implementation and data gap in OECD countries’ integrity frameworks. Integrity frameworks do not exist in a bubble, separate from the rest of governments’ work. They are a vital safeguard to the effectiveness of public policymaking and a key enabler of the work which governments do.

Unfortunately New Zealand is not included in the Outlook – the Public Service Commission confirmed in July last year that New Zealand has not begun any formal collection of the necessary data.

Francois Valerian, the global Chair of Transparency International spoke at the high level opening session.   His excellent speech is available at this link  (from 22.30) .


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