Preventing fraud and corruption: Call the internal auditor

How assured are you?

As organisational governors or executive leaders, how are you assured that fraud and corruption are prevented?

How confident are you that your fraud and corruption2 policies, systems and processes are robust?

How do you know that your integrity systems are working well ‘all of the time’?

The Value of the Internal Audit

Preventing fraud & corruption Call the Internal Auditor points out the burden corruption places on organisations and their stakeholders, the importance of leadership setting a strong tone for ethical behaviors and the critical role the internal audit function provides in corruption prevention.

An effective Internal Audit function is uniquely positioned to connect with and transcend the entire organisation. They have a strong understanding of organisational context, objectives, end-to-end processes and systems, and they are attuned to its culture and fraud vulnerabilities.

Read the paper: Preventing fraud and corruption: Call the internal auditor or watch the video slideshow:

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