Promise to Practice: Anti-corruption global pledge tracker

In November, Transparency International UK launched the updated Anti-Corruption Pledge Tracker. This global Tracker monitors the progress of the commitments made by governments at the 2016 Anti-Corruption Summit held in London.

It is common for country leaders to move on to their next challenge, even when the last has not yet been completed. The global body, Transparency International (TI), makes a strong case for the pledges to continue to be a focus of governments. TI regularly scrutinises governments to ensure accountability in their fulfilment of those promises, suitably maintained for relevance.

For the past three years, TI has been tracking progress of anti-corruption commitments made at the Summit through Transparency International UK (TIUK)’s Promise to Practice Project.

Civil society’s role in picking up the baton and ensuring countries are held accountable has proven to be vital. This is because governments that attended the London Summit at then Prime Minister David Cameron's invitation, did not adopt any formal mechanism for implementation of the Summit commitments.

Three years of pledge tracking have identified big trends in the progress of commitments related to certain themes such as beneficial ownership or asset recovery, as well as identifying specific country case studies and lessons learned.  This is written up in a report Advocacy in Action”

Together with 21 countries worldwide, Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) supported TIUK in collecting data for their innovative and interactive global pledge tracker. Monitoring 170 commitments towards #anticorruption and compiling the data, provides informative stories of #AdvocacyInAction!  

Of the countries whose pledges are being tracked, 45% of commitments to whistleblower protection are completed and overall, 31% of all commitments are completed.

TI UK have also provided a new thematic infographic:

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