Road trip resource for elected officials released by TINZ

Candidates and elected members of local government will have free access to a ‘Road Trip’ online learning resource published by Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) today.

The Transparency and Governance Road Trip takes an easy driving approach to elements of local government leadership that are essential to the role, like governance, integrity, transparency and decision making. It is divided into three short modules, not a deep dive, but offers opportunities to learn and reflect.

“We are passionate about the vital contribution made by local government to our communities and to the country as a whole,“ said Julie Haggie, CEO of TINZ. “Transparency, good governance and accountability improve citizen participation, build trust and reduce corruption. We need local authority members to make good decisions that will benefit citizens, communities, businesses and the environment.“

The learning resource is freely available to local government and to anyone who wants to learn more about the responsibilities and skills needed by local elected officials. Visit the Transparency and Governance Road Trip.

In developing the resource TINZ leaned on the knowledge of its governing Board, Its chair is Anne Tolley, current Commissioner for Tauranga, and Board member Peter Kelly is CEO of Upper Hutt City Council. Local Government New Zealand is also supportive of the resource.

TINZ has also revised and released its Local Body Elections: Questions for Candidates today. These offer a range of questions under general headings that voters can ask candidates. Topics include transparency, access to information, participation, manawhenua and accountability.

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