Thanks to TINZ Chair Suzanne Snively

The Transparency International New Zealand (TINZ) 2020 AGM in November was the last official act of Suzanne Snively in her role as Chair of Transparency New Zealand.

For ten years she has been the driving force behind TINZ, during which time the influence of our organisation has expanded dramatically.

In recognition she was presented with a lifetime membership to TINZ during the AGM. And the Board has agreed to fund a Victoria University of Wellington scholarship in her name, with a focus of the scholarship on integrity and transparency. Members also contributed acknowledgements of her achievements and qualities in a compiled book, and co-funded with the Board, a special gift for Suzanne.

Her energy, influence, wisdom and many achievements are reflected in the words of other leaders:

“Suzanne, I want to acknowledge the tremendous contribution you have made to transparency and integrity in your ten years as Chair of Transparency International New Zealand. Your passion, hard work, persistence and dedication have moved the organisation ahead in leaps and bounds.

You have also had a major impact on making New Zealand a more transparent and less corrupt society. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention your contribution to our international affiliates particularly the Pacific.” Lyn Provost, TINZ Patron

“The strength of the Transparency International movement is based on its National Chapters around the world, and the tireless efforts of the anti-corruption advocates who lead them.

Although New Zealand has consistently been a top performer in the Corruption Perceptions Index, indicating low levels of public sector corruption, there is still room for improvement.

Under Suzanne’s leadership in the past ten years, TI New Zealand has ensured that the need for integrity and good governance best practice continues to stay high on the agenda. Thank you Suzanne, for the energy and commitment that you have dedicated to the TI movement – in New Zealand, in the Pacific, and in the global movement. We know that you will continue to be a strong advocate for TI’s mission for integrity, and look forward to having a strong ally in the new roles that you take on.” Delia Ferreira Rubio, Chair of Transparency International (Global)

“Suzanne’s years with Transparency International, have left the organisation in a strong and respected position, both locally and beyond New Zealand, The TINZ she joined, had been functional for a time, mainly in the charge of a small band of enthusiasts, whose commitment to anti-corruption was apparent, but whose efforts had delivered little public pickup.

Suzanne’s determined efforts have rendered great change, in government circles where there is now commitment to many matters affecting things like procurement. In business too there is much greater recognition of transparency as a relevant goal. Lastly, she has championed efforts to encourage TI chapters in the Pacific.

The key element in her contribution is an ability to make and maintain viable working relationships with people from a wide range of backgrounds and positions. Through Suzanne’s efforts, TINZ has achieved essential credibility with people in government and business.” Sir Anand Satyanand, former TINZ Board Member and Patron, and later Member of the TI International Anti-Corruption Council

“Suzanne has shown relentless belief and positivity to ensure that light shines on economic activity and decision making in Aotearoa, New Zealand. She has brought light through her own economic insights and research, and especially so through championing the Transparency International work. Current and future generations of New Zealanders will benefit from her work often without realising – the hallmark of a true leader.” Adrian Orr, Governor of Reserve Bank of New Zealand

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