Transparency and integrity - South Pacific outreach

Transparency International New Zealand is working with South Pacific people, civil society leaders and communities through the development of the South Pacific Outreach Project.

TINZ’s South Pacific Outreach project, funded by New Zealand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFAT), operates under the vision of a sustainable region with economic growth and better development outcomes for South Pacific peoples. 

According to Coordinator Mary-Jane Kivalu

“Transparency and integrity are very important values in Pacific communities. It’s about being honest and truthful in everything you do in life. These are qualities we assume in every leader and influencer in our families, in our churches, in our communities and in the countries we live in. Without these qualities, there is no confidence and there is no trust.” 

Through working alongside Pacific leaders and communities, the South Pacific Outreach Project aims to reach its mission of minimising the exploitation of Pacific people in their region (including through transnational crime) by:

  • Highlighting areas in anti-corruption that need more research and data;
  • Raising awareness about anti-corruption concepts, laws, institutions and available services;
  • Improving the value of anti-corruption concepts, laws and services in Pacific communities, by collaborating with champions who will advocate for transparent and accountable practices; and
  • Aligning anti-corruption concepts with traditional/religious values and practices

Mary-Jane continues: 

“I’m very excited about this work as it gives me the opportunity to connect with our people in the region and look at ways that we can work together to empower each other and everyone around us to stand up against corruption”

To join on this journey through the South Pacific region and communities, visit our Pacific website page and  follow the progress on our Pacific facebook page.

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