Our Business Integrity Programme

TINZ is developing a Business Integrity Programme, which offers businesses the opportunity to learn from their peers, from regulators and from other experts, and to plan integrity improvement programmes. If you’re interested in finding out more about this programme sign up to our mailing list below.

TINZ conducted its first Business Leaders Integrity Forum in September 2023 and continues to hold them periodically.

TINZ does a lot of work around the issue of procurement and modern slavery.

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Trust is essential

Integrity builds trust, and trust is essential in business. When suppliers, regulators, investors, consumers and employees have high trust, it makes doing business easier. This naturally leads to more productivity, better goods and services and ultimately more sustainably profitable. 

The cornerstone of doing business with integrity means holding values and principles which improve the way we treat employees, our communities and the planet.  It also means focussing on what’s important, rather than being tempted by bribery and corruption, poor procurement practices or wrongdoing.  

why invest in business integrity?

There are many benefits to be gained from a strong reputation. Here are a few:

  1. Reputation and brand are powerful galvanisers and the major contributors to business profitability
  2. Easier market access 
  3. Lower costs
  4. Access to capital 
  5. Higher returns on investment
  6. Quality committed staff
  7. Customer loyalty

New Zealand’s Business Integrity

There is certainly room for improvement here in New Zealand, with firms reporting bribery or corruption incidents every year. The three highest risks we’ve identified are undisclosed conflicts of interest, receiving out of policy gifts, favouritism, or bribes, and providing confidential information to a third party.

Anti-fraud controls and good whistleblowing policies and culture have a proven positive impact. An increasing focus on supply chain integrity systems also helps.

When integrity is prioritised and brought into the culture of an organisation businesses have greater employee satisfaction and productivity. Integrity is better for the customer, better for the owner and staff and better for the bottom line.

Business integrity makes New Zealand a great place to do business

about dirty money

Our mission is to prevent New Zealand from being a conduit for money laundering and a destination for dirty money. It undermines our business reputation, raises property prices and jeopardises the integrity of many business dealings. For more information on how we’re stamping out white collar crime, visit our page on Dirty Money.


About financial integrity

We place a lot of trust in our financial institutions. Are they worthy of it? Our Financial Integrity System Assessment (FISA) asks our financial services providers to demonstrate their integrity, transparency and quality of governance.

We ask them to justify our trust. FISA is the first ever assessment of this kind and provides customers, citizens, communities, civil society organisations, government and businesses detailed information about the way that the financial system conducts itself.

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